Tips for Improving Your Skills in Valorant

Valorant’s closed beta has been running for about a week and players are beginning to figure out how to improve skills in valorant. and push the game to the limit. The secret to controlling the recoil of weapons has finally been discovered, and now players are starting to find a lot of tips and tricks to improve your game.

While having fast reactions and pure aim will always give you a head start in a fight, there is also a lot more you can do. The key to winning duels is good positioning, working with your team and fighting well. After all, there is no point in fighting, you know you cannot win or you will have little benefit to your team.


This Paradise guide covers the basics of positioning and how to put yourself in a better position to win a duel. Not only will you have to worry about positioning yourself well for duels, but there will be plenty of times when you will have to move during a fight and reposition, or fight when exposed.

Some of the trickiest tricks to solve come with agent skills. Some, like Sova, have abilities that can really give you an edge, but you should know how to use and position them correctly. Many tricks remain to be discovered, but these videos show some of the most interesting lineups to use with Sova’s abilities that have been discovered so far.

Tips for Improving Your Skills in Valorant

You can Boost in Valorant if you are willing to spend a little time practicing and mastering the mechanics. This guide covers how to do that. Here are some strategies and some tips and tricks to work on your goal. If you know the inside and outside of your Agent, along with your best positions on a map, then a great goal will make you a fantastic player.

  • Your Mouse and Set-Up

This is the most important thing for you, first of all, you will need to set up your mouse according to your hand’s direction. This will help you in improving your skills in valorant.

  • Mouse and Equipment

The best gaming mouse can make you a great player, but an average mouse will still be a big improvement for you. Try using a mouse with decent DPI and responsiveness. This will make your aim more reactive.

A larger mouse pad is also useful in shooting games, as it allows you to be more precise in your movements. You can improve your marksmanship in Valorant regardless of your team. However, it is best to avoid fighting the game and your team if you can.

Settings – Your sensibilities in the game will decide how well you can aim. Since Valorant is relatively new, good advice is to emulate a game in which you are already proficient. Play around with the settings and generally try to match it to your settings in Fortnite or Overwatch or Counter-Strike.

Doing this will make the game feel much more familiar and will reduce the time spent learning how to improve your marksmanship in Valorant. You can also see the sensibilities of professional Valorant players for inspiration.

To improve your Valorant marksmanship, you should spend some time training. This is done through normal games and training routines. The in-game practice is fine, but that’s just playing rounds of Valorant!

  • Bot Practice

The first area in which you will practice your goal is in the bot practice area. This is the most a series of bots appear at the same time so you can take photos. Here are some tips for getting some progress:

Don’t spray: If you just spray your shots, you’re not practicing anything in particular. You don’t want to work on your ability to shoot randomly. Instead, practice taking measured photos until they become faster.

Go for the headshot: Trying to practice your headshots at this range will help you move the cursor to the head more naturally. This is the type of muscle memory that you really want to build.

Burst Fire – Try to burst fire. This makes you align your shot before hitting. Doing this may seem slow at first, but it will help you speed up. Once you can do this quickly, you can move from one target to another relatively quickly in the game.

Boring but constant: taking out bot heads is really quite boring. However, it helps you develop muscle memory. Stick around and try to reach a speed you’re satisfied with.

Settings – You can change the settings in this mode and you can make it a little more difficult. Make good use of this, but try to avoid spraying even with scattered targets.

  • Spray Patterns

Spraying feels a little different in Valorant compared to other games. Here’s what you need to know to improve your Skills in Valorant while spraying.

Spray patterns – try learning them. Head to the target area of ​​the driving range to do this. Start and learn how the shots spread while spraying. Then you must practice keeping your shots contained in the target.

Adjustment to spray: Once you have learned the spray pattern, you should learn how to adjust it. Try taking your spray shot and move your mouse to compensate for the spray pattern.

Muscle Memory: This can help you build your muscle memory while spraying. If you can master this, you can keep your shots in line by compensating for spray patterns. This is the key to improve your marksmanship in Valorant.

Range: Be sure to adjust your range and try to master even the long-range. Although it is more difficult, this can be really useful in games.

  • Peaking

The beak is a vital part of improving your aim at Valorant. This is coming out of the cover to take a quick photo. In this game, you can really practice it easily on the training ground. You can use the same target range used for spraying, but it peaks through the arc entrance to this area.

Since there are several levels of platforms involved in this area, you should be able to master aligning your cursor to the correct height before taking your photo.

Go in and out, trying to make sure your shots are aligned every time. Don’t spray too much as this is a panic move and any shot you take will probably be luckier. If you are spraying, do it the same way as before. Keep the cursor where it should be and try to compensate for the spray pattern as it reaches its maximum.

You can still set the target at various lengths here to get familiar with things. This will help you to use your marksmanship in Valorant, like the pick and playing around the edges is very important.

Improve Your Aim At Valorant

While each agent’s skills are great, aiming is one of the most important Skills in Valorant. Improving it takes some time. Start with using the correct settings, with the correct mouse and settings. Beyond that though, using the right strategies for practice and improvement will pay off, but it can take some time to develop the muscle memory you need.