The Sims Freeplay Cheats

Want to make use of the gazillion features in The Sims game but insufficient funds are hindering your way? Or perhaps you’re just looking for some easy cheats to make the game a little bit easier? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Keep on reading to find out some really easy hacks that’ll make your Sims Gaming experience a lot more fun.

Hack #1

How to get unlimited money 

  • Go into the HomeLot and build a room with 2×3 dimensions (2 blocks horizontally and 3 blocks vertically).
  • Go into the lighting section, buy a lamp and place it on the outside of your house.
  • Next, buy a sink that has some slab space and place it in your room.
  • Buy a decoration or use one from your inventory and put it on top of the sink counter. Remember the more you spend, the more money you make as you get 10 percent of your cashback. Try to use a microwave or a mixer as these will allow you to gain a lot of cash.
  • After this, cut your room into half (1×3) but don’t click on the green tick; click on the red cross. Your sink will start flashing red after this. If it doesn’t, then start from the beginning again. Do not proceed if your sink is not flashing.
  • Then, buy a table and place it inside your room next to the sink.
  • The next step is to move your decoration from the sink to the table while the sink should still be flashing red.
  • The last step is to crop the room as much as you can and click on the red cross again. Remember to not click on the green tick in any of the steps.

Now, you will have multiple copies of your decoration (more than 50000+). Simply sell them and get loads of Simoleons!

Hack #2 

How to gain unlimited Lifestyle Points, Social Points, and Simoleons:

  • Go to the Account Manager and log into your Facebook account. If you are logged in with Google, log out of it, and then log in with Facebook.
  • Next, go to the Cloud setting and upload your saved data.
  • Now, you need to uninstall your Sims Freeplay app either from your homepage or the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  • Then, go to this site:

  • Click Download The Sims Freeplay (MOD, unlimited money/LP). Wait for the countdown to end and then click the download button again. You must wait for the app to install now.
  • Log in with your Facebook account to get your previous data back and click continue. You will have to wait a bit for your content to get downloaded.
  • After this, you will get unlimited Simoleons, Lifestyle Points, and Social Points.

This is a super-easy way to get unlimited LPs and SPs. Make sure to log into your Facebook account to make sure you don’t lose your progress data after you re-install the app. Now, when you buy something, you won’t lose any money. However, even if you earn money, your funds won’t increase.

Hack #3 

How to get Life Points and Money:

  • Pause the game while you are playing it and go to the Cloud setting where you must upload your saved data.
  • Now, select the Reset option upon which your game will restart from scratch and you will lose all your progress. When the game restarts, you will have the option of downloading saved data. Click on this option to regain your progress.
  • When you do this, the party boat will emerge with several presents which will have Life Points and Simoleons.

This hack is extremely easy and can be repeated several times to gain as many LPs and money that you desire. 

Hack #4

How to get more money on the iPhone: 

  • The first requirement of this hack is to ensure that all your Sims are involved in some activity.
  • Next, turn off your Wi-Fi and go to the Date and Time Settings on your phone. Now, you must turn off the auto feature and change the date and set it to a future day.
  • When you double click the Home Button, a list of apps that are running currently will pop up.
  • Next to the Sims Game app, you will see a ‘-‘ option. Click on it to stop running the app.
  • Now, turn on the Wi-Fi option again and go back to playing your game.
  • When you go to the mailbox in your Sims game, you will find additional money. 

This is an easy way to solve your in-game monetary problems. This hack is best for those players who believe that unlimited Simoleons will take the fun out of the game but need just a few extra Simoleons, free of cost, to make use of an essential feature.

Hack #5

How to get Unlimited LPs:

This hack is extremely simple and you just need to follow the few simple steps given below: 

  • Build your town until it is close to upgrading.
  • Buy a cheap item to complete the up-gradation process. This way, you will earn a few lifestyle points for a very small price.
  • Sell the item which will cause your town to become downgraded.
  • Buy the item again and get more LPs.
  • Continue doing this process until you get your desired number of lifestyle points.

Hack #6

How to get VIP access free of cost:

  • Open Safari Web Browser and write Panda Helper in the search bar.
  • The first website that pops up is
  • Open this website and go to the regular version. You can also avail the VIP Version but you will have to pay money for that.
  • Click on download free version and install the app. Before you make use of the Panda Helper app, you need to go to your settings and give your device permission to trust this app.
  • Next, open the Panda Helper app and search for the Sims Freeplay app.
  • Now install this version of Sims from Panda helper.
  • After the new version of Sims gets installed, click on it and a prompt will show up that says a plugin will be installed for you to get a better experience. You need to click okay. This will take you to your settings where another box will pop up asking you if it’s okay for this app to access your settings. Again, you need to allow the app to do so.
  • In the settings, you will be taken to a page where you will have the option of downloading PandaHelp VIP access to Sims Freestyle. With your permission, the installation will proceed further. After this, the Sims Freestyle app will automatically open. Over here, you will be again required to install another update.
  • You can simply start a new game or upload your saved game data from the Cloud or Facebook.
  • Once your game starts, you will automatically be upgraded to VIP level 15 which comes with numerous perks. Now you can access all VIP features without making any purchases!

These were some of the hacks that we have tried and tested for you. Now, you can enjoy your The Sims Freeplay game without having to worry about Life Points, Social Points, and Simoleons.