PUBG Hacks

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or better known as PUBG took the world by storm when it launched two years ago. It was the first comprehensive battle royale game to include Android and IOS as a platform along with Xbox, PlayStation, and PCs.

Due to its versatile nature, game lovers around the globe picked up the game, called their friends, and made their squad have fun while letting off some steam. 

However, since PUBG is still a game and its code can be exploited, some users found or made hacks for the game which changes the rules for them making the game different than originally intended.


PUBG offers multiple gaming modes but all are a variation of First-person shooter (FPS). The classic model has 100 players drop to a map and the last squad, duo or single-player standing wins the game and gets the title of Chicken Dinner.


This list is an attempt to compile all the notorious PUBG hacks available.


Aimbots are specially programmed tools that assist the player in aiming while in-game. This hack ensures that aiming accuracy is close to 100% even without trying. It especially comes in handy during close combat where enemies may rush the player or vice versa.

This hack enables the player to be free of any aiming efforts and eliminates any effort while taking shots. This hack shoots any enemy in a clear line of sight which can prove very deadly for the opponents and a sure-fire way to get a Chicken Dinner.

Speed hack

This hack is designed to increase the speed of the user to cover distances within a mao in a matter of seconds. The user can evade bullets and enemy squads altogether while simultaneously taking out enemies.

This cheat is pretty obvious and can result in getting reported and banned from the game and it also has an issue of teleporting out of the safe zone in the last stages of the game resulting in death outside the play zone. This hack needs to be handled carefully otherwise it will create more problems than it will solve.

Recoil cheat

Every weapon has some type of recoil after firing a round which shifts aim sight away from target so the player has to realign aim again and again which wastes crucial time, especially when engaged with an enemy. Recoil cheat eliminates the recoil making the aim steady.

Due to this hack, players can aim without losing time or momentum and can claim victory in a few magazines of rounds. It is fairly difficult to detect a recoil hack so the risk of getting banned is lesser than other hacks while at the same time this hack gives a substantial advantage.


An essential aspect of the game is to be sneaky so that unnecessary risk can be avoided. In essence, stealth is a valuable characteristic to win the game. However, there exists a hack that can effectively eliminate that.

PUBG wallhack cheat enables the player to see through walls to detect enemies and loot which can turn the tables on any game. This cheat can greatly favor its user and can almost guarantee a win. This cheat is hard to detect by other players especially if the user plays intelligently.

Footsteps hack

A default way to detect enemies nearby is the footsteps sound generated by all players while moving. This is how players are supposed to know about any enemies nearby. This is a pesky problem for all players as it makes it very difficult to catch the enemy off-guard.

The footsteps hack eliminates any noise made by the user effectively rendering them inaudible to nearby enemies and giving them the element of surprise. Just like the wallhack, this cheat is hard to detect as well and almost impossible if the player plays a smart game.

High damage

In PUBG, different weapons have different damage ranges which make the number of hits to target a variable that needs to be figured out. The best and most exclusive gun in the game is an AWM sniper rifle which has the highest damage but even that doesn’t guarantee a one-shot kill.

High damage hack is designed to make every shot that hits an opponent, lethal. Due to this hack, a player can take out an entire squad with a couple of rounds in a matter of seconds. 

This hack is more noticeable than most as kills are displayed with weapons used and many players can add two and two together and report such players.

Distance hack

Knowing the distance from an enemy can play a crucial part in whether a player can kill that opponent or not. It is fairly easy to mark a spotted enemy that can alert teammates to a possible threat but if an enemy is not spotted then there is no way to know how far that enemy is unless the distance hack is in place.

This hack can inform the user of all enemy squads in the vicinity with details of distance and direction. This information can then be used to decide whether to engage with an enemy or to retreat for the time being. This is a subtle hack therefore the risk of detection is low.

A point of clarification is that this ability is also available in the Sanhok map jungle edition and can be randomly gained for a few minutes after eating the jungle fruit. This is not a hack but a game’s built-in feature.

Quick-loot hack

Looting is an essential part of the game as players have to pick up supplies and weapons to survive in the game. Getting loot can be a bit tedious as each item is picked up individually by the character making it time-consuming and dangerous as it makes the player vulnerable and easy to spot.

A Quick-loot hack is designed to help the player pick up the entire loot in one go which can be later sorted to select which items to keep and which to discard. This hack is very subtle and can only be detected by a keen team member therefore one of the more subtle hacks.

Unlimited UC hack

UC or Unknown Cash is the premium currency of PUBG and can only be obtained via real cash. This currency can then be used to buy premium crates, premium items, and battle royale season pass which further unlocks many exclusive features like dance moves, rare skins, and costumes.

Unlimited UC hack can unlock UC in the game without spending any amount of money on it. It is to be noted that the hack itself can cost some real money but it can benefit the player more in terms of the game. This hack is almost undetectable as many players spend money to buy UC and then some items through it.

Unlimited BP

Battle Points or BP are much easier to obtain as players earn BP through playing the game and achieving goals and targets in-game. BP is relatively less important than UC but it can still unlock the soldier crate from the game store and can also be used for some cosmetic changes.

Unlimited BP hack is a very low risk as it cannot be used to show off and other players cannot detect this hack from a third-person perspective. This hack can prove useful if the player needs some quick supplies and has run out of their own BPs.


PUBG hacks are excessively discouraged by the game developers and they have strict rules which they enforce if a player is caught cheating.