Pokémon Type Chart – Effectiveness, Strength, Weakness

The type chart method shows the effectiveness of the Pokémon. A Pokémon type chart tells about the effectiveness of a particular Pokémon’s power. A Pokémon can be effective, super effective, weak, or super weak. 

This will help to know about the opponent’s power in the battle, just like it’s easy to fight your enemy if you know their strength and weakness. Similarly, a Pokémon type chart tells everything about a Pokémon’s power. 

Pokémon fans already know about Pokémon types, each Pokémon belongs to one or two types at least. And it’s type tells much about how that Pokémon will perform in the battle. It is important to learn about each type because some types are stronger against each other lessen the damage received, while others might get more damage. 

Some of the Pokémon type’s strengths and weaknesses are obvious, like water type Pokémons will be a threat to fire type Pokémons. But some of the types are not obvious and you need to memorize it thoroughly. 

Now we know every type is difficult to remember so we have made a list of the strengths and weaknesses of 18 main types. This article has a Pokémon type chart, which lists down the strengths and weaknesses of the Pokémons. 

We will give a detailed overview of all the types so keep reading.

Pokémon Type Chart Effectiveness, weakness, and Resistance

A trainer should know that there are four ‘types’ in terms of relationship with other types of Pokémon. These types are important to know so you know who is coming as your opponent in the battle, how to defend yourself and how to defeat the enemy. 

These are briefly described as follows


You can see on your type chart as Strong Vs. This type will do more damage to the opponent.


You can see on your type chart as weak Vs. This type will do partial damage to the enemy. 


You can see on your type chart as Resist. This type of Pokémon will damage the enemy partially.


This is your Pokémon type’s weakness. This will do double damage to the enemy so better watch out. So chopping it short, in opposition a ground type Pokémon will be strong against fire, steel, poison type causing more damage to them. 

It only causes 50% damage to bugs, flies, etc. But in defense, the same ground type Pokémon will take less damage from rock, fire, poison, and will take more damage from water, ice and grass.

With that being said let’s have a look into the Pokémon Type Chart

Type: Normal 

Strong Vs: 

Weak Vs: Rock, steel, ghost 

Resist: Ghost 

Vulnerable to: fighting 

Type: fighting 

Strong Vs: Normal, Rock, Steel, Ice, Dark

Weak Vs: Flying, Poison, Bug, Psychic, Ghost

Resist: Rock, Bug, Dark

Vulnerable to: Flying, Psychic, Fairy

Type: poison 

Strong Vs: Fighting, Bug, Grass, Fairy

Weak Vs: Rock, Steel, Electric

Resist: Ground, Fighting, Bug, Grass

Vulnerable to: Rock, Electric, Ice

Type: Ground 

Strong Vs : Poison, Rock, Steel, Fire, Electric

Weak Vs: Bug, Grass

Resist: Poison, Rock

Vulnerable to: Water, Grass, Ice

Type: Rock

Strong Vs: Flying, Bug, Fire, Ice

Weak Vs: Fighting, Ground, Steel

Resist: Poison, Rock

Vulnerable to: Water, Grass, Ice

Type: Bug

Strong Vs: Grass, Psychic, Dark

Weak Vs: Fighting, Flying, Poison, Ghost, Steel, Fire, Fairy

Resist: Fighting, Ground, Grass

Vulnerable to: Flying, Rock, Fire

Type: Ghost 

Strong Vs: Ghost, Psychic 

Weak Vs: Dark

Resist: Normal, Fighting, Poison, Bug 

Vulnerable to: Ghost, Dark

Type: Water 

Strong Vs: Ground, Rock, Fire

Weak Vs: Water, Grass, Dragon

Resist: Steel, Fire, Water, Ice

Vulnerable to: Grass, Electric 

Type: Grass

Strong Vs: Ground, Rock, Water

Weak Vs: Flying, Poison, Bug, Steel, Fire, Grass

Resist: Water, Grass, Electric

Vulnerable to: Flying, Poison, Bug, Fire, Ice

Type: Steel 

Strong Vs: Rock, Ice, Fairy

Weak Vs: Steel, Fire, Water, Electric

Resist: Normal, Flying, Poison, Rock, Bug, Steel, Grass, Psychic, Ice, Dragon, Fairy

Vulnerable to: Fighting, Fire, Poison

Type: Fire

Strong Vs: Bug, Steel, Grass, Ice

Weak Vs: Rock, Fire, Water, Dragon

Resist: Bug, Steel, Fire, Grass, Ice, Fairy

Vulnerable to: Ground, Rock, Water

Type: Electric

Strong Vs: Flying, Water

Weak Vs: Ground, Grass, Electric

Resist: Flying, Steel, Electric

Vulnerable to: Ground 

Type: Psychic 

Strong Vs: Fighting, Poison 

Weak Vs: Steel, Psychic, Dark

Resist: Fighting, Psychic

Vulnerable to: Bug, Ghost, Dark

Type: Dragon 

Strong Vs: Dragon 

Weak Vs: steel

Resist: Fire, Water, Grass, Electric 

Vulnerable to: Fighting, Bug, Fairy

Type: Ice 

Strong Vs: Flying, Ground, Grass, Dragon

Weak Vs: Steel, Fire, Water, Ice

Resist: Ice

Vulnerable to: Fighting, Rock, Steel, Fire

Type: Fairy 

Strong Vs: Fighting, Dragon, Dark

Weak Vs: Poison, Steel, Fire

Resist: Fighting, Bug, Dark

Vulnerable to: Poison, Ghost, Dragon

 Type: Dark 

Strong Vs: Ghost, Psychic

Weak Vs: Fighting, Dark, Fairy

Resist: Ghost, Psychic, Dark

Vulnerable to: Fighting, Bug, Fairy

Note: Types are not identical to each other. For example, the strength won’t be the same for a type in defensive mode but the whole attacking its strength increases. So every type can’t be treated the same inoffensive and defense mode. 

The interest comes in when dual types of Pokémon face-off in a battle. You will be needing additional strength and weakness.

Pokémon GO Type changes in effectiveness compared to other Pokémon Games

Being a Pokémon fan, you might have noticed in the main series that all the Pokémon types are immune. This is different in Pokémon GO, there are some types which are not immune. 

The following are some of the immunities that are removed from some Pokémon types:

  •   Ground-type is  immune to Electric
  •   Flying-type is immune to Ground
  •   Ghost-type is immune to Normal and Fighting
  •   Normal and Fighting-type is immune to Ghost
  •   Steel type is immune to Poison
  •   Dark-type is immune to Psychic
  •   Fairy type is immune to Dragon

Here is a list of damages caused in Pokémon GO compared to the main series:

  •   Not very effective – 0.625x damage in Pokémon GO compared to 0.5x damage caused in the main series.
  •   Super effective – 1.6x damage, compared to the 2x damage caused in the main series.
  •   Immunity – 0.39x damage, compared to 0 damage caused in the main series.
  •   Doubly effective – 2.56x damage, compared to 4x damage caused in the main series

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