Pokémon GO Spoofer Apps for Android and IOS 

Pokémon GO is one of the most famous games of all time. It took special attention due to its nature which was based on AR (augmented reality). The game got hyped by Pokémon fans the most. The game lets you catch your favorite Pokémons by wandering around. 

The game is indoor and outdoor-based, you will have to hatch your Pokémon even if it’s in your bathroom or under your bed or in your neighborhood, sounds fun no? 

Regards the fact that the game is all about hunting your favorite Pokémons outdoor but this can be exhausting. Running here and there to find a Pokémon is a hassle after a long day of office work. Most of the Pokémon users have switched to Pokémon GO spoofing Apps.

This will change your location and the game will think you are in a different location than your current location and will show you maximum Pokémons around you.

Pokémon GO Spoofing Apps are available for both Android and IOS users. We will discuss both of them separately. Let’s start with the Pokémon GO Spoofer android Verizon. 

Why do people choose Pokémon GO Spoofer Apps on Android? 

As you know this game is based on augmented reality and makes you wander around everywhere to find your Pokémon. To do so you have to check parks, cafes, shops, etc, which means there will come a time you will get exhausted. 

Both your time and energy is invested in finding your Pokémon. If you want to catch more Pokémons and extend your list than go for GPS spoof Pokémon GO Android app. By doing so your App will get a signal that you are in a different place and will show you more Pokémons to unlock in a go. 

This App will let you spoof Pokémons within your house as well so you don’t have to step out of your comfort zone. 

Risk factors for using POKÉMON GO SPOOFER in 2020

A couple of months back, Niantic the developers of Pokémon GO highlighted the issue of Pokémon GO spoof Apps for Android. They said that they have found out that people are misusing the feature of changing location to get Pokémons easily. 

To them this is illegal and misuse of the game. So they came up with a small punishment for the users who use Pokémon Go spoofing Apps, the 3′ strike policy ‘. 

1) If the company finds out misuse of the location change feature they will send you a first strike which is called’ shadowban’. However, you will be able to play the game but won’t be able to get a rare Pokémon for any time soon or less than 7 days. 

2) The second strike is a bit precarious which is called ‘temporary ban’. Your account will be banned for 30 days and you won’t be able to play the game. After 30 days your game will be restored. 

3) The third and last strike will permanently ban you from using Pokémon GO. If you think your account is suspended or banned by mistake then you can email Niantic for an appeal. 

Three safe and secure ways of using Pokémon GO spoofing Apps

As explained, if you are caught using any unreliable Pokémon GO spoofing Apps, your account will be banned, and not just this you can be charged for severe security threats. So why take a risk? Don’t worry we have sorted out a secure way to use these apps. Here are as follows. 

1) Using a VPN

The virtual private network is advised as the most reliable and secure way for using Pokémon GO spoofing on Android. The VPN changes your IP address which means your location is untraceable. 

This will allow you to use the App even if it’s not in your region. Since the company won’t find out your location they won’t be able to ban your account. 

2) Download fake GPS GO

There are plenty of Apps available from where you can download a fake GPS but GPS GO is one of the best. It will change your location to any desired location allowing you to unlock rare Pokémons. 

3) Download Fake GPS free 

This App is lightweight and easy to use. It doesn’t require root access to your android phone. However, recently some of the users have complained that they got a strike from Niantic, so use this App at your own risk. 

Since Pandemic the Pokémon GO has lost users because people can’t step out to find the Pokémons. The developers of the game Niantic have changed some mechanics of the game. You can now play Pokémon GO indoors. 

These changes are still in the releasing stage and haven’t launched yet, now the question is how do IOS users get Pokémon GO spoofing Apps and play it indoors?

How does Pokémon GO spoofing work on IOS? 

Pokémon GO is a complete GPS based game that needs your location to track Pokémons near you. If you are residing in a city, you will be able to find more rare Pokémons compared to a small village. This is why IOS users prefer to use Pokémon Go spoofing Apps.

The app spoofs your location making it easy to hatch more Pokémons. But this is to make sure you are using a reliable and secure Pokémon GO spoofing Apps for IOS. The credibility and reliability of the app will help you level up your game and play indoors. 

Which Pokémon GO Spoofer Apps are suitable for IOS users? 

If you are an IOS user, simply go and open your Apple store, you will find lots of spoofing Apps. Download any one of them and you are good to go. 

Some of the tried and tested reliable Pokémon GO spoofing Apps for IOS are as follows.

1) Dr. Fone virtual location 

2) iTools

3) iSpoofer

Using a VPN 

VPN is the most reliable source for encrypting locations. For IOS users, use GPS and VPN Apps at the same time to trick the Pokémon GO. 

Some Reliable VPN apps are mentioned below :

1) ExpressVpn

2) Private VPN

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