Pokémon GO Promo Codes – Unknown Codes 2020

Pokémon GO has made tremendous changes in its game from the past few months. Not to forget, these changes were also necessary. The game was all about going out and exploring different places and socializing collectively. 

These things hooked the attention of law enforcement in different countries, they took strict action against the developers of the game as it caused serious accidents and unfortunate incidents. 

Pokémon GO has been banned in some countries and cities by the government. But it is still running in other areas with new features and precautionary moves. Since the game can now be played indoors, there are some super cool Pokémon GO PROMO codes to kill your boring quarantine life. 

Niantic the developers of Pokémon GO is now reactive and working to alter the game keeping in mind the Pandemic situation. To keep their users glued socially, they have introduced Pokémon GO PROMO codes. They should be appreciated for such an initiative for their loyal users. 

They are giving free promo codes and hopefully, this may continue after lockdown as well. We have come across some of the Pokémon GO PROMO codes, but you can get them directly from Niantic’S Twitter account. 

There two to three Niantic accounts on Twitter, follow all of them for any new promo code pop up. Facebook ads are also debuting Pokémon GO PROMO codes, so do keep an eagle eye. 

If you are a Verizon customer, you can avail of free promo codes as well through their premium offers. These codes are only for Verizon users, so they can’t be shared publicly. 

What are Pokémon GO PROMO codes for? 

Once you get the code, you get it redeemed through App or from the official Niantic website to get free items from the shop. Mostly you get berries and poke balls in redemption, but if you are super lucky you can get egg incubators, puffin, poke coins, amazing lucky eggs, and whatnot. 

Here is another piece of information you might want to know, sometimes you get free promo code or get a free item when you are inactive from the game for 15-20 days. So keep a track on your email or notification panel, a free Pokémon GO promo code might be waiting for you. 

How to Redeem a free Pokémon GO PROMO code?

If you are an android user then you have two ways to redeem the promo code. 

1)   Via App

2)   Via official Niantic website (redemption page) 

However, IOS users have only one way to redeem Pokémon GO PROMO code and that is through the Niantic redemption page. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t allow free redemptions. A 30 % commission is being charged by Apple for any purchase through Apps. And sadly, this steep policy won’t be changing any time soon in the future. 

Steps of how to redeem Pokémon GO PROMO codes through Android or IOS

1)   Search for Niantic official redemption page 

2)   Log in with your Pokémon GO account (can be your Facebook or Gmail account) 

3)   Write the active promo code

4)   Click redeem and enjoy it! 

If you are an Android user then you can also follow this step

1)   Go to Pokémon GO App

2)   Click on the map view, proceed to the main menu then again click the shop icon. 

3)   Type in the active promo code 

4)   Click redeem and enjoy it! 

Do you know you can easily get Pokémon GO PROMO codes by visiting poke stops and gyms? You can gain a maximum amount of items by doing this. But not to forget usually these promotional items are for a limited time once they are gone they are gone. 

So you will need to keep a check on them actively. One more thing to add, you can get limited items only so to get more you will need to buy a backpack.

Active Pokémon GO PROMO codes 

There is currently only one active code for now, which you can get through the Team GO rocket balloons event. When you will redeem the promo code on your Pokémon GO account it will give you three free revives and potions. Do check your email for further details. 

Your email will have a title Tomorrow is a big day, team rocket go. Scroll down to the bottom you will see an option which says ‘Redeem code for supplies’. Once you click it, it will redirect you to the official website of Niantic (reward site) that is where the code will be applied and executed. 

These are the two codes available for the month of July 2020

  •   FTT7V6NDZ6B8X: 3 Potions, 3 Revives
  •   LEQ8C2BQXJATZ: 3 Pinap Berries

Pokémon GO Brand Promotions

Pokémon GO keeps collaborating with different companies and brands. Previously Pokémon GO collaborated with Samsung, Verizon, Starbucks, and sprint. All these companies give free items like Frappuccino. 

There were more collaborations to highlight poke stops and gyms. Pokémon GO worked with a total of 11 stores in different countries like Japan, Korea, and Mexico, and some European countries. 

A Guide to Pokémon GO Friendship Challenge

Pokémon GO fest 2020 is going for its third-week challenge from 17th July to 22nd July. There are a total of three stages of challenges, each challenge is important to unlock rare Pokémons in the GO fest. 

This follows up to the Elite challenge, which will let you earn free items and Pokémons in case you are lucky. 

●    Stage 1

1)   Get a heart from your buddy: 1 Razz Berry 

2)   Send a Gift to a buddy: 100 Stardust

3)   Play with a friend: 1 Pinap Berry

4)   Reward: 100 Stardust, 10 PokeBall, 100 XP

●    Stage 2

1)   Send 5 Gifts to your game friends: Pinap Berry x10

2)   Get 5 Hearts from your Buddy: 10 Razz Berry 

3)   Walk with your Buddy to get a candy: 1 Rare Candy 

4)   Reward: Raichu fight, 300 Stardust,  XP 300.

●    Stage 3

1)   Take a picture of your friend: 10 Pinap Berry 

2)   Give Gifts (10) to Friends: 500 Stardust 

3)   Get 10 Hearts from your Buddy: 20 Razz Berry

4)   Reward: 1 Rare Candy,  1 Lucky Egg 

Do participate to get all these amazing rewards before the challenge ends.