Netflix Subscription

Netflix is a streaming platform that permits its members to watch a wide variety of high-quality and award-winning TV series, movies, biographies on more than thousands of devices like smart televisions, tablets, smart mobile phones, PlayStation 4, Xbox and what not all of those which offer the Netflix app and are connected via internet.

One of the major advantages is that the content is ad-free. With all its amazing services, it keeps on adding hundreds of new movies, TV shows every month. It offers an impressive and wide variety of original content to watch and without any hassle. 

The more you watch Netflix you will easily recognize the series you love and recommend the following accordingly. You can also give a pause and resume watching your TV shows anytime you want without any commitments. 

Netflix also allows you to download your favorite TV series beforehand into your iOS or Android mobile phones to even watch it without any internet access. Netflix is also great for binge-watching TV series in an instant. 

How To Subscribe

It is very easy to subscribe to Netflix. You just need to follow some very easy steps to start streaming your favorite online tv shows on Netflix. Netflix lets you try out the platform for an entire month before it starts charging you its subscription fee. 

Nevertheless, you still need to enter your card details or PayPal details when you subscribe. You can withdraw your subscription anytime during your first free trial month.

You Need To Create A Membership Plan 

You can easily create a membership plan that’s right for you. Netflix’s membership plan allows instant access to thousands of originally produced TV shows and movies that can be streamed. Netflix offers three amazing membership plans that are right for you. 

According to your choice and plan you can choose how many people can watch and stream Netflix TV series content at once and whether you want to view it in Standard Definition (SD), High Definition (HD), or Ultra High Definition (UHD). It all depends on how it fits your desires and needs. 

The basic plan

With this plan, you can watch on 1 device at a time and it provides you to view its original content in standard definition. 

The standard plan 

With this upgraded plan you can watch on 2 devices at a time and high definition quality whenever available. 

The Premium plan

This plan suits many of the viewers worldwide who love to stream and enjoy Netflix. This is the four-screen plan. This plan allows four people to stream Netflix at a time. Watch on four different devices at the same time in High definition and ultra-high definition at the same time whenever available. 

You can change or upgrade your membership plan according to your needs whenever you wish and anytime from your account page. You will also be billed once a month with a very little amount on the date that you have initially signed up. 

Netflix’s Original Content

Now by time Netflix has established itself more and more and has also gained a worldwide reputation. Content originally produced by Netflix is gaining a worldwide reputation as it’s attracting many viewers and gaining attention. 

It is now not only streaming service for third-party content and originally produced movies and tv series, but Netflix also has its studios and creates an extensive range of its exclusive content, many of which are highly desired and liked by both critics and viewers.

Some of the originally produced Netflix content is listed below:

Drama series

Ozark, Ironfist, Tiger King, Locke & Key, Virgin River, Lost Girl, Space Force, Stranger Things, Frontier, Northern Rescue, Travelers, 365 days, Dark desire, and many others. 

Comedy Series

Although Netflix offers an ample amount of comedy shows, it also produces its own. Netflix’s original comedy shows comprise of some of the highly watched Fuller House, the very famous, Grace and Frankie, The Ranch, Atypical, The Good Cop, which is liked by many, On My Block, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and many more.


In 2015, Netflix commenced creating original movies with innovative ideas and picking up worldwide streaming rights for movies. Netflix has produced many movies and now it just can’t stop getting any better.

The accessibility of studio films can alter, but Netflix Original movies are plenteous and always available, such as Da 5 Bloods, Extraction, 6 Underground, Lost Girls; The Highwaymen, The Irishman, What/If When They See Us, and High Seas. 

Kids Tv Series and exciting shows

Netflix has a devoted kids’ area with lots of unique programming. It has amalgamated with DreamWorks to produce even more innovative children’s series and movies. 

Present and existing titles comprise of Trolls, Care Bears and Cousins, Boss Baby, Dinotrux, H2O: Mermaid Adventures, Inspector Gadget, Alexa & Katie, Free Rein, Popples, Project Mc2, Richie Rich, and many fun-filled tv-series and others. 

Netflix’s ‘my list’ feature

This feature will instantly catch your eye and guide you to your list of shows and movies and you can easily access later. What makes it more exciting is the new Netflix’s My list option. To get to know the demand of the people, Netflix also added my list feature, where it allows you to add titles you’re interested to watch and want to watch later.

While browsing the Netflix amazing and extensive catalog, you may simply add the movies or tv shows that interest you or maybe something a friend recommended.

The surge of Netflix subscribers due to Covid-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic has proved that people worldwide need a platform like Netflix to support their binging needs. The latest statistics show that Netflix is streaming both third parties featured films and new or completely licensed TV shows to 190 countries globally.

With a net worth of 170 billion dollars, Netflix has gained momentum which just does not seem to stop any time soon. It has gained a major advantage during the Pandemic and amongst social distancing and strict lockdowns. 

People have leaned on to Netflix for support during hard times where many people are in isolation and quarantine, pursuing Netflix as a way to wind down and distance themselves from the troubles of the world for the duration of an episode or two.

The phrase ‘Netflix and chill’ which is now presently used by the younger generation holds special relevance in the current times. Now that people are mostly advised to stay at home, they have more time to stream online and subscribe. 

Many binge-watched the series and the series gained overnight success and not to forget, along with it, Netflix too. With a ban on social gatherings, statistics have proved that Netflix has proved as the nation’s most favorite pastime and activity. With an increase of 65% in its stock value, it is right on top of every person’s list. 

The Fierce Competition Faced By Netflix

However, Netflix also faces very fierce competition from rivals including Amazon, Apple, and Disney among many others. With Netflix now expanding to incorporate as many regions as possible, what people are watching and how they are watching is continuously changing. 

More people are now turning to stream services. The biggest competition of Netflix is Amazon Prime. However, Netflix dominates its rivalry in streaming and is still considered a long-term winner.