10 Minecraft mods – Indispensable!

Since the release of the game, Minecraft in 2011, around 176 copies of the game have been purchased. It is also one of the most selling games of all time. Gaming freaks have simulated mods to make this game a never-ending experience. 

The game itself is a virtual feel in itself but mods are where the game gets a twist, they don’t just change the outlook of the game but also play around the mechanics of the game. From farming to hardcore odds and ends the mods are a game-changer. 

From the gist of what mods offer varies from small to very specific pull over. For example, the mod which shows an animal pooping gives a different edge and feel of reality. 

Reworking of the game allows you to decorate your house or build an Eiffel tower, that’s what mods do. 

With that being said let’s hop in the type/kind of mods. These mods are fan made customized additions. There are some hand-picked mods suitable for all versions of the game especially for Minecraft 1.15.

Many of the obsolete and old versions of Minecraft are difficult to manage, most of its mods have stopped being updated, locations reciprocated. 

First thing first, there is no guarantee to which mod will work the best for the latest version of Minecraft. Some Minecraft mods need installation of the legacy version to execute. Not to forget the old version of Minecraft mods is still easy to download. 

Without any further delay, let’s check on the 10 most promising Minecraft mods of all time enhancing the virtual experience. 

1)   Journey Map

Journey Map gives access to the world map in real-time. See yourself in the mini-map on the screen in real-time. If you think the map is taking up your screen, open it up in a separate window, and track locations from there. This simple feature makes enormous maps feasible to use. 

2)   Just Enough items

Digging into the inventory to find recipes is not fancy anymore, kudos to this new mod where all the recipes are merged in one list. Just enough items are the takeover version of the mod ‘not enough items’ which is a successor now. Installing the mod will be handy allowing you to learn about the recipes of the item you were unfamiliar with. 

3)   The lost cities 

It’s like the end of the world or something has destroyed a whole city, people have vanished, buildings are in shabby condition, as it seems. Welcome to the lost cities mod, total apocalypse. The aim is to survive in this abandoned city till the end fighting all the odds. This mod will take you a journey of lost land with unlimited loot, secret dungeons. 

If you are fortunate enough to make it to the end, this mod is interlinked with Biomes O plenty mod so another adventurous trip is awaiting you. 

4)   Biomes O plenty 

Ever thought of having alluring Biomes in real-time? If yes then install Biomes O plenty mod. This mod allows you to build Biomes of your own with unique flowers, plants, trees, and building blocks. Build a tropical island, a cherry blossom garden, and anything to your wildest imagination. 

5)   Twilight forest 

Looking for adventure? Twilight forest mod is for you. This is a uniquely designed game merged as Minecraft mod. It is a different dimensional world that is densely forested with purple hues everywhere along with loads of loot and valuable goods to collect. You will also find fence mazes, cavern hills and a lot of new content as this mod keeps updating with time so expect more twisted adventures. 

6)   BiblioCraft Minecraft Mods

Have you ever been to a virtual library? If not then check BiblioCraft mod, it has bookshelves to place books in order. The aesthetic placement of books and blocks will give a substantial feel in real-time. There are cookie jars, stands, chairs, tables, lanterns, wooden displays, candles, tablecloths. Once you are done compiling Bibliocraft, your house will start looking like a home. This Minecraft mod gives a real feel of a sorted library in one corner of your house. 

7)   Animal Bikes

As much as this game will fascinate you and bring your creative side on the table, it can still shock you with its new unimaginable features. Yes, you got it, animal bikes mod is a whole new experience of having animals as a vehicle of your own. All these riding animals have different abilities and can be used accordingly. Be it a hungry tiger or an enormous dinosaur or your trained fire dragon. 

8)   Decocraft Minecraft Mods

Bring out your creativity and imagination in use. Decorating is a passion to many, if you want to get your hands on your own decorative interior house, cave then Decocraft mod is your thing. These mods allow it to work with itsy bitsy details of the interior in depth. You can create a house or a mansion or a cave. 

Decocraft is basically like a mini home decor store, where you have everything under one roof to furnish your house. Table, bed, side lamps, shower and so much more to explore. These items will spice up your home renovation project. 

9)   Minecraft comes alive 

This mod is more realistic. You can get married, start a family, build a house of your own. Once your kids get older they can also harvest and plant trees, do farming, etc. Trade with other farmers, talk to them and cultivate and harvest with them. This mod gives you a hint of reality in the game so smooth your experience. There is a hidden feature in the game that will take your hardcore gaming experience to the next level. 

10) Energistics of Minecraft Mods

When you start automating in the game more and more the storage runs out of space. This is why the Energistics mod turns your stored item into energy. This energy is then stored in your hard drive in the database. All these stored items are accessible wirelessly from anywhere leaving you with endless virtual storage space.