Ghost of Tsushima Battle System

Ghost of Tsushima is on its way to the PlayStation 4 premiere, with the date marked on the calendar for July 17. The Inevitable You have filled in the details in the title, so everyone is ready to launch it.

At the same time, the information on some key features will not stop. One of the highlights of the game will be a battle system, where we have already explained that it will have two main aspects: samurai or Ghost.

Within this dichotomy in terms of combat, there will be many specificities that defined the battles of the Ghost of Tsushima, and that is why we wanted to resolve the details so that you are fully prepared for the arrival of time to enjoy Jin Sakai and stop you in the Mongolian army.

The best news in this regard is that there will be plenty of possibilities to deal with them, along with the fundamental premise that you decide how you want the fight to end.

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Equipment and Customization are Key

Since Sucker Punch, they have already warned that their decision before a samurai battle or a creepy style is conducive to its development. So, you must be well prepared for each situation. It is not enough to use robbery if you want Jin to use his ghost skills or enter an elephant store like an elephant if you’re going to use his samurai skills. The team with which you personalize the title of hero is one of the keys to success in this imprint.

Ghost of Tsushima Battle System

This way, you’ll need to equip it with a light weapon if you choose the phantom option, whereas if you select the samurai option, it should be more stable. Adaptation to the battle strategy does not depend solely on your ability, but to give Jin skills and ample supplies for each moment. Once you know how to press the correct key in this regard and adjust to the preparations before executing them, you will be entirely in control.

Maximum precision: Take your enemies with a single blow

One of the main doubts that the Ghost environment of Tsushima flies is if the battle will be so simple, after what was seen in the game state focused on the title. From the development team, they have stressed that the intention is to achieve a tremendous level of realism. Fighting samurais, precision is their primary objective. Therefore, if you perform the necessary actions, you can eliminate your rivals by sliding the katana.

On the other hand, if the blow is not fatal, the enemy will be damaged, and you will have to make a second attack to defeat it finally. These 1vs1 matches will be the most exciting and surprising titles, why it would take a perfect battle style to win. The skill will be essential since it will be able to replicate the very exact technique seen in the transmission of the Ghost of Tsushima.

Running away is sometimes the best option

At times, Jin Sakai would have to enter various locations and reparations for the Mongol army, so it was necessary to study the environment and the number of enemies correctly that heartbeat. When facing the unknown, you may be wrong in your approach, but there is no problem. If you notice and experience a problem that you think you cannot overcome, you can always choose to escape the area to the question.

Ghost of Tsushima Battle System Preview

For this, you can use one of the smoke sheets that Jin can use, or just run away from the area. This will help you better study the land and come up with a new strategy. The next time you face the same group of enemies. With this and the experience gained in trying to succeed, you can better tackle the road to success.

Stealth, your best allies when facing groups of enemies

Relative to the last thing we discussed, The Phantom of Tsushima will be well balanced to fit your battle needs. You can deal with the proposal only under the skills of the samurai. Still, you will have to become adept at dealing with many groups of enemies. Therefore, the stealth tactics offered by Phantom Mode may mark the most comfortable success in this type of situation.

The possibility of infiltrating a Mongolian settlement and removing all its parts without being seen can help you land unnoticed and provoke fear before rivals. Keep in mind that you can appear on your back to suffer the same fate as your fallen comrades. Jin Sakai’s shadow will spread across enemies, which will be an essential asset to consider when using it.

The symbiosis between both arts to perfect your technique.

In all of the above, the clearest conclusion of the Ghost of the Tsushima battle system is that combining both methods can be a definite element to conquer the island of Tsushima.

If you can fully adapt to two different styles and connect them at the right time, Jin Sakai will be the worst nightmare for any member of the Mongolian army. Being able to sneak into a stealthy settlement and surround the task with direct interaction with a small group of enemies can bring great moments.

The Ghost of Tsushima will not force you to take one path or the other. It will offer you all the necessary tools to choose which method best suits each situation. On July 17, your great adventure in feudal Japan begins with PlayStation 4.