Free Fire Hack

Garena Free Fire is a battle royale format game exclusively for android and IOS. This game was launched in 2019 with the sole purpose to cater to a market that can be considered a niche or popular depending on the region. 

Garena Free Fire specializes in a mid to low-tier game made for corresponding hardware making it available to the masses. Unlike some other games in this category, Free Fire is not resource-intensive which is one of the reasons for its popularity. 

Due to this popularity, many hackers have found methods to hack the game and make some exclusive options available along with some cheats.


Free fire incorporates gameplay familiar to popular battle royale games but with some differences. The maximum number of players that can enter a match is limited to 50. This format is constant for squads, duo, or single-player. 

Players have to survive till the last to win the game and all the associated rewards. Graphics offered by Free Fire are not of a premium quality therefore players who require a game with extreme graphics tend to avoid Free Fire. 

But due to this factor, Free Fire is supported by many low end to budget phones which makes the game accessible to low-income regions. Free fire aims to provide a game to all classes without barriers. 


The following article is an attempt to list all the hacks available for Garena Free Fire.


Much like all first-person shooter games, Free Fire is also built on a premise of aim and shoot. This genre of gaming is very much popular as stand-alone or combined with open-world games. 

Players need to kill opponents to win the game. This fact has led to the popularity of aimbots or auto-aim hacks which makes shooting all easier. Auto-aim is built in such a way that it makes aiming almost effortless. 

In some instances, auto-aim completely takes away any effort required as it takes to aim and fires at enemies on its own. Due to this hack, winning the game is assured at the starting line. 

Increased damage

In a game like Free Fire, every shot matters. Each round from each gun or even a melee weapon deals a specified amount of damage and few hits are required to immobilize the enemy combatant. 

Each player then has to play accordingly trying to survive and to eliminate enemies. However, hackers came up with a hack that can reduce a lot of stress for the player and not so much for the opponent. 

Increased damage hack is made with the idea in mind that each shot or hit can become fatal leading the player to the top.

Reduced recoil

Steady aim and a good strategy are all it takes to win a first-person shooter game. Free fire revolves around these traits. A player has to consider both these aspects if they want to reach the top. 

Fortunately, they can benefit from a hack that can take half the load off their shoulders. Reduced recoil hack can help a player to a great extent. Every gun has some type of recoil that can destabilize the player’s aim and this can be a very problematic thing when facing an opponent. 

This hack removes the recoil giving unparalleled stability to the player and assuring the death of any enemy in front of the player.

Unlimited diamonds

Games with in-app purchases have some type of currency that can either be won, awarded on completion of missions, or bought via real money. The free fire has diamonds as its premium currency. 

These diamonds can be used to buy exclusive passes, tokens for a lucky draw, and premium skins. To circumnavigate the need for spending real money in the game, hackers found a way to get unlimited diamonds through a diamond generator which can be used in the same manner as the purchased diamonds are used.

This hack can be spotted by some anti-cheat engines therefore the players are advised to buy stuff from this hack infrequently so they may not get banned from Free Fire servers. 

Unlimited coins

 Similar to the unlimited diamond hack, the unlimited coin hack can get unlimited coins for the player. Coins are the secondary currency of the game and are much easier to obtain as a player can get coins for every match they play or any mission they complete.

Coins are still valuable for the player as they can be used to buy some basic supplies and clothes in-game along with some skins for weapons and vehicles. Coin hack can be especially useful if the player needs some urgent supplies to finish a mission or to play the next round.

Fire while swimming

The free fire has some quirks in their game that are designed to make the game a bit more challenging for the players. Among these quirks is the inability to shoot while swimming on any map. 

This can make players easy targets as they are not able to evade the shrinking play zone, swim, and defend themselves at the same time. Needless to say that this is how many players lose their matches.

However, the fire while swimming hack can give the players a fighting chance. With this hack, players can defend themselves even underwater. But the drawback to this is that these players are then easily identifiable which can result in them getting banned from the game.

Unlimited health

Each player in the game is allotted a limited amount of health i.e. 100% which can be reduced if the player takes damage and refills by health kits and energy drinks. But there is no real way to keep the health at maximum unless a hack is used. This is where the unlimited hack comes in. 

Health is a very important aspect of the game so the hack was developed to make sure winning the game would be easy. This hack keeps the health at maximum and health does not deplete after taking damage. 

Unlock characters

There are many unlockable characters in Free Fire but not all are easily accessible. These characters are merely for cosmetic purposes but can alleviate the boredom of playing with the same character over and over again. 

Many of these characters can be unlocked by purchasing for currency or by battle pass achievements. This hack allows effortless unlocking of all characters making for enjoyable gameplay and keeping the players engaged with the fresh content.

New maps

Most applications and even games have some hidden perks which cannot be accessed by everyone and only a hacker can uncover this information. Free Fire also has some hidden information which is the maps of playable islands. 

To make the game more interesting and exciting hackers have found a way to unlock special maps. This hack ensures that there are no barriers to new maps and all the restrictions become ineffective allowing players to play in any map they want regardless of the mode. This hack is available in a modded version of Free Fire.

Hack methods

Since Free Fire is exclusively available on android and IOS, there are no console hack methods or code entry systems. Hacks are delivered through support apps.


Free fire hacks can be used in android via a modded apk file that carries modified code for the game. This modified file works as a normal game file but has all the hacks built-in.


The hack for Free Fire on IOS can be used on a jailbroken iPhone. Then the modified game file can then be installed on IOS with the hacks.


It is always advised that these hacks may get your account permanently banned from the game. Some hackers hide this information and scam people who simply want to play with some extra features.