18 Most Famous Fortnite Skins

Here is a list of best and rarest Fortnite skins. We did surveys, asked Fortnite fans about best in-game skins, and compiled a list of best Fortnite skins for you guys. Just to remember, these skins are not permanent; they can change with the release of a new update. 

Without any further due let’s check some of the all-time favorite Fortnite skins, we came across. These are the list of 18 best Fortnite skins we choose. These Fortnite skins were selected by Fortnite fans.

Tomato Head 

The tomato head skin is inspired by the tomato Town mascot, unfortunately, the tomato Town doesn’t exist anymore but we still have the tomato head skin luckily. The tomato head is the classic fruit headed guy. The skin costs 1500 V bucks or 15&. And this little tomato head skin is still in rotation.

Creepy Bear

This Fortnite skin was introduced as a valentine special. But is still available for unknown reasons. It was a big pink head creepy bear.


It is a legendary outfit you can get from the AIM set. This skin can be obtained by winning battle pass challenges. 

The AIM skin is available from season 6 if the game still supports the season you can upgrade by purchasing Battle pass and get your hands on this Fortnite skin.

Chomp Sr

well, to be honest, this skin looks like a dreadful Halloween costume inspired by sharknado movies. But strangely this skin is exclusive because of its weirdness. Imagine a scary shark on your head? It’s unique in its way. This skin costs 2000 V Bucks or 20$.


For all the Fornite skin’s fans who have cleared level 100 of chapter 2 can get this old school look villain. The skin is available for 950 V bucks. 


Wukong is a monkey warrior with armor. This skin has a hint of Chinese touch, as it came out on the Chinese new year. This Wukong skin is said to be one of the most expensive skins in the game. The skin is available for 2000 V Bucks. 

Aeronaut Fortnite skins

This Aeronaut skin is a unique sky stalker set. The skin came out on September 9th, 2019, and stayed in availability for 240 days. You can still get it from the item shop if it’s still up on the list. 

The skin can be bought from an item shop for 1200 V bucks. The skin is a male character with a night stalker costume as a theme and looks more like a skywars character. 

Absolute zero Fortnite skins

Absolute zero skin is a rare Fornite skin. This outfit is obtained by the Arctic command set. This skin has a beautiful camouflage snow theme. The skin can make you camouflage with the snow to hide from enemies. The rarity of this skin is its signature style on the outfit I.e. Snow. 

This skin was released on 7th January 2018, was available for 534 days then got dismissed. You can still find it in the item shops list for 1200 V Bucks. 


The aggressive-looking wolf of red riding hood or Game of Thrones? You decide. This skin is a wolf with some smart moves. This skin was the bonus for reaching the 100th tier in season 6. Its rarity is legendary and you can get it from the item shop for 950 V Bucks. 


The fish headed skin is inspired by The Amazing world of gumball. But it looks more like a Nemo fish. This orange looking Fishstick is a funny skin though. 

Abstrakt Fortnite skins

The skin was taken from the Aerosol Assassins Set. Abstrakt skin came out on May 13th,2018. It is the counterpart of technique skin from season 4. Abstrakt skin is a male character who is a graffiti artist showcasing his art on the streets. 

He wears a gray hoodie with a splash of blue, green, yellow paint. Another unique feature of his style is his cap which has a TT sign on it. The TT stands for the tilted tower. The Abstrakt skin can be purchased from the items shop for 1500 V Bucks. 


Rook is a female character, she seems to dress up like a strict librarian who is after all those who didn’t return the book on time. The skin was available after reaching the 87th tier in season 5.


Peely is a dapper banana guy. He bosses up in a suit with a banana on his head. It’s a funny skin. He seems like a spy hiding behind a banana rind.

Bunny Brawler 

Bunny Brawler is a funny bunny skin. The skin was introduced on Easter, it was Easter special. The skin is all white everything. The bunny is dressed up in a cute white jumpsuit with the wear of bunny slippers. Seems like a white with long ears have escaped hatching his Easter eggs. 

Agent Johnsey 

Agent Johnsey is still a mystery as it hasn’t been released but the skin is leaked out. It is expected to be released at any time in the future. Agent Johnsey was last seen at the device event, ever since the fans waited for his reappearance.

As soon as this skin is available in the item shop or promotional items we will update. 


This girly skin was the imposter of the Red Riding hood. Her dressing is similar to the character of Red riding hood, that cape, and a red skirt. This skin is theme-based and all the accessories attached to it are also inspired by the fictional character. The skin is available to the players of tier 47, season 6.


This slurry skull character skin is a jelly kind of substance. Something squeezable, fluffy, and pulpy. Although he is weird, a friendly character. 


Another female character Fortnite skins were gifted to the players reaching tier 71, season 7. The dusk skin took the attention of Marvel fans precisely. The black leather outfit with big bat claws, red eyes. The skin shows that the character is inspired by vampires.

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