Dragon City hack-Get free Gems and Golds

Online gaming is an essential part of many people now. The gaming industry is said to be one of the biggest and most profitable industries in the world. Online gaming is an avenue to practice your creativity in the fancy world and not just that, it’s also a source of entertainment now.

Dragon City is a game that evolves around dragons, you get to drain different species of dragons, you breed them so they are strong enough to face off on a battlefield.

Dragon city is one of the trending games which is available for Android and IOS users. The in-game graphics are quite catchy enough to make you want to download the game. The game is for free so don’t give a second thought to download it. It’s basically like training an army to fight against your enemies.

Interesting Facts About Dragon City

The game has a friendly user interface, it’s all about designing and using your imagination. You will need to build an ecosystem for training your infant dragons. Which means you need to arrange meals, Fire, and fundamentals for them. 

It’s a complete lifestyle you will be giving to your little dragon babies to become a hero and participate in combat. You will also need to get some monsters from a different breed with different capabilities, train them, and make them part of your family.

It’s time to build a 3D island with flying dragons where it’s you and your dragons living.

Developing a complete ecosystem for breeding and nurturing, requires lots of in-game currency. These are usually in the form of coins and gems.

Free Dragon City Hacks

If you have just started playing this game, you must be looking for free dragon city hacks right? Also, you must be thinking, is it wise to spend on this game? Wondering how gaming freaks get free gems? Your answers are available below, here are some hacks you might want to know about Dragon City.

To boost your winning chances, you need to have a strong breed of dragons, they will help you fight a battle. These dragons will require your time and gems. The more you log in daily and train them they will grow stronger. Second, you will need to spend gems on their food and gold.

With the help of gems, you can speed up tasks like breeding, hatching, and growing food. This will lead to an early and easy win.

As you level up, you will be needing more space for your habitat and farm. The island you owe won’t be enough later once your level is upgraded. To get more space you will need more gems. Although you can get these gems by gold by unlocking gold you will still need gems.

Dragon City Gems Generators are for Real?

The internet is replete with free dragon city generators. These generators claim to be free with gold and gems. But unfortunately, that’s not how it works most of the time. It’s a scam mostly. The truth is that there is no such way to get free dragon city gems through generators.

To be noted: Don’t use gems and gold coins on petty things like hatching, farming, breeding, and decorating. Instead save these gems and gold for the future, you will be needing them to spend on more important things.

How to Get Free Dragon City Gems

Log in every day or 2 times a day to get free dragon city gems. The more active you are, the more you get a chance to win free coins, gems.

Hack to Invite Friends and Earn Free Gems 

Did you know you can earn free gems by inviting your friends to download and play Dragon City? Yes, it’s that easy and hassle-free. Although, to get free gems you have to make sure your friends accept the invitation and follow the steps carefully. The friend should play and reach at least level 15 so you can earn free gems.

Free Gems in Dragon city Quests

To earn more free gems you need to play simple quests. On completion of these quests, you will earn gems. For example, if you complete 1 quest you will get gems if you complete 3 quests you will get 4 gems. And by the time you completed all the 30 quests, you will get 12 gems free.

Now the question is to play quests, it’s a waste of time. No, it’s not a waste of time, the quests are a great way to experience new techniques in the game.

Be a part of PVP or a Combat to Get free gems

Rewards and gems come by winning battles and combats. Participate in PVP which is a dragon league. In this league, you have to fight against other dragons trained by other players. You can earn up to 3-6 gems by winning at least 8 PVP battles. This is only for mobile users.

If you are a PC user then you will get 2 gems after winning against 7 different opponents.

Although the number of gems looks scant if you play three battles after a 6 hours interval you can get 8 gems at the end of the day and roughly 56 gems a week. Not to forget there are a total of 400 battles in a single league.

 Dragon City Social Media Handles

Another way to get free gems is to subscribe and follow all social media handles of dragon city games and developers. This is not it, some social media handles offer extra rewards for Dragon city fans.

How do you Earn Those Extra Rewards?

From January 2019, Dragon city introduced a reward scheme for its fans. The name of the scheme is the Daily calendar, this is only available for Facebook users. All you have to do is to log in daily through your Facebook account and collect login rewards, coins, gems.

Also, there is another way to get amazing free rewards, that is by participating in Dragon city Roulette. Make sure you are active daily to get these rewards. You can win up to 50 or more free gems.

Monday Reward

Dragon City offers a Monday login reward especially. Login to your account on Monday, you will get to see three buttons each having a different reward hidden. Click on them and pray to get something amazing.

1st Reward

The first reward will be elementary dragons. These are not just random Dragons, they are rare species.

2nd Reward

You will get 5000 coins, yes that’s a win-win. 

3rd Reward

You may be lucky to get 5gems by just clicking one of the reward buttons. 

The Hack to Earn Currencies in Dragon City

Currency plays a vital role in all games. These are in-game currencies that help you to purchase different items, challenges to level up your game. The currencies are of many kinds, here are some of the currencies you will find in Dragon city.

1) Food

2) Gold

3) Gems

All these currencies will help you to get different items in the game. The main one is Gemsis, which lets you purchase garments and participate in challenges. Tickets are needed to get to enter these challenges. 

The other premium currency is Diamond, which helps you to purchase rare Dragon species and cities. These diamonds can also be converted into tickets through which you can buy anything according to your need. This dragon city hack is going to help you in the long run!

Deus Daily Bonuses Hack

Deus daily is a mini gambling game within Dragon city that allows you to unleash rewards. You will have to select a card in Deus daily bonus challenge which will unlock amazing rewards.

This challenge is only for the players who play the game 24hours or stay logged in. On the game board, all the cards will be shuffled randomly and you will be asked to select one card, that card will be your reward.

Winning is luck though if you are lucky enough you can earn up to 50 gems. This bonus challenge is only valid for PC users, not mobile users.

Freebie Island Hack

This feature is only available for mobile users. You can earn free gems and gold just by completing small tasks like watching ads, installing beta versions, or taking a survey.

Freebie Island doesn’t support extra rewards or gems. So you don’t expect promotional offers. Unless you don’t complete those small tasks by following every step carefully you won’t get any reward.

Note: Freebie Island is a third-party feature, so make sure you have read terms and conditions before proceeding.

Dragon City Hack of Experience Points (XP) 

Experience points also known as XP in gaming language is another way to get free gems. The more you gain experience the more chances of getting gems.

Gaining experience also levels up your career in the game. But this won’t be possible in a snap because certain dragons need a certain time to reach their full power and potential.

With experience points, you can only gain 1 gem at a time.

Important note: To level up your game fast, build farms, and expand your habitats. The dragon city game is dependent on food so you can build these farms with lots of food and then sell them to get gems.

Dragon City Hack Of Food

Food plays a vital role in this game. The more food you have the more chance to get gems. By doing this you can also level up. You can sell the leftovers of excessive food to other players or give them to your friends.

You can find foods that grow faster and then harvest them without any hassle. For example, dragon chilies and dragon bells grow faster. You can also earn free gems by breeding.

Touch Jewelem’s Tower

Touch jewelem tower is an in-game icon that is decorated with precious jewels. If you touch it once after 24 hours, you will earn 1 gem.

How Play Tournaments Help To Earn Free Gems

Another way to get free gems is by playing tournaments. You can play 2 tournaments in a day depending on your dragon and it’s a cool-off period.

If you win the tournaments, you will get 2 gems per tournament that mean 4 gems in a day and 28 gems in a week.

Get Gems as a Gift from Friends

Yes, this in-game feature is best, you can ask your friends to send you gems if you are in Dire need. They can also send food and gold. A free gem on completion of the dragon book collection you are a dragon city fan, you can easily complete the dragon book collection and get a reward in the end.

Pick up the Right Dragon

Picking up the dragons in the initial stages is very important. Here is a pro tip to select the dragon which generates the highest gold. Yes, the more gold it generates the more you level up. Currently, Earth dragons have the highest gold generation. Pick up your dragons and start boosting them up by feeding them food.

In this way, your level will increase and with that increase, you will get more gold.

Selling Dragon Eggs For gold

Once you are done breeding your dragons, you can sell their eggs and get gold. By this level, you will have enough gems to buy a breeding tree. These were some of the uncomplicated ways of getting gems for free. All the websites and Apps claiming to give free dragon city generators for free are total scams that don’t buy their words. There is no such way to get gems, you have to play and earn them.

Final Thoughts

All in all the Dragon city is a strategic game that will let you pet your dragons, build a habitat for them and train them to fight against enemies. The game is suitable for PC and Android users. The best thing about this game is that you don’t have to spend a single penny to level up the game.

All the rewards are receivable within the game. This guide will help you get the best source of Dragon City Hack that can help you earn more rewards, currencies, etc!