Cyberpunk 2077 – Release Updates

One of the favorite genres for games around the world is Role-Playing because due to these games all those imaginations during childhood have come true. Cyberpunk 2077 is one such amazing Role-Playing game that will let you enjoy the best gaming experience ever in gaming history. 

At the end of this year, this game is going to be available for different platforms like Windows, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One. So, get ready because the release date has been finalized, and soon you can enjoy this amazing game on your consoles.  

Follow up next year will let this game be released for other major platforms as well like Xbox X, and PS5.

Amazing Features

Now you might be wondering about the amazing gaming features Cyberpunk 2077. Well, first of all, it is a First-Person shooting and Role-Playing game, and the protagonist will be known as “V”. 

HE is a mercenary, and you can customize its physical features as well including Face features, voice, body shape, and hairstyle. After that, you can customize the clothing he is going to wear as well, and give him one cruel and merciless mercenary look. 

Furthermore, there are different categories as well for stats depending on the major skills that he has. There are three different skills that he needs to excel like Techie who is an expert in all kinds of machinery, then there is NetRunner which is the world’s best hacker after that obvious one is Solo which is a master combat skill.

Unlock Skills with Progression

At the start, it is obvious that V has no skills, and he has to get through the game using different techniques. As the game proceeds do does the abilities and weapons as well which includes Blade, shotgun, handgun, melee, sniper rifle, rifle, assassination, hacking, assault rifle, and engineering. 

To purchase upgrades and different abilities “V” must consult with RipperDoc. Furthermore, if you need some advanced combat techniques then there are black markets as well where you can purchase them at quite a low price. 

All of these weapons are customizable and have been categorized into three. The first one is the normal ones with normal attack range, then the next one is Tech weapons that can penetrate walls and enemies as well. The final category is the homing weapons where a bullet can move according to the position of the enemy.

Advanced Weapon and Combat Skills

All of this advanced weaponry is attractive and makes this gaming experience even more interesting. Now you might be wondering about the different movements of “V”, well he can aim, run, slide, take cover, and jump twice. 

To make this game even more like a Hollywood movie there is a slow-motion camera as well that moves along the bullet towards the target. This feature has been liked by almost every other gamer due to its movie-like characteristics. 

Now you might be wondering that you have to kill a lot of people because it seems to be a total shooting game. Well, that is no truth, because there are non-lethal options available as well at every step, and you can play as an assassin to reach till the end of the game without killing even a single enemy. 

Furthermore, the accuracy of the weapon’s aim and reloading is realistic and better than its predecessors. Now the next thing that Cyberpunk 2077 fans are anxiously waiting is its map and all the features in it. The city used in this game is a copy of California which is named Night City.

Night City and Badlands

While all the area covering this city is named as Badlands and player can freely move in the city or outside of it. 

This city is divided into six different regions which are named as Watson which is inhabited by immigrants, City Center for the corporates, Heywood with all residential houses, Westbrook where all luxuries begin, Santo Domingo which is an industrial area, and finally Pacifica for all the gangsters and street crime. 

All of these regions are known for their type, and “V” can freely move anywhere he wants, either on foot or in any vehicle. During missions, it is best if you choose a self-driven car, so that you can go along with easy shooting.  

You need to be careful while you are driving because running over pedestrians is also a crime. So according to the sensitivity of the region, the police will act accordingly if you perform any illegal actions.

Features of the City

Suppose if you are in Pacifica then committing crime over here is quite easy without catching law enforcement attention, but if you are in Westbrook or City Centre then the police will get alert on any suspectable action. 

Besides your player owns an apartment along with a parking garage where you can save any vehicle you want. To understand the language, your player needs a special implant that will automatically translate that language into English, because Night City is a non-English speaking city. 

This whole game consists of two different types of quests that include main missions, and side missions. When you play on with the main mission then your stats will keep on getting better, but with side mission, you will be able to unlock more weapons, abilities, and more features inside the game. 

Well, the features do not just end here, because this game a lot more than it seems to offer you. In this whole gameplay “V” gets help and information about targets and their whereabouts from different companions, so listen to them carefully before you move forward.


Moreover, you will also be able to play some minigame to get some distraction from the main story. Those minigames include boxing, hacking, shooting, martial arts, and car racing. These minigames are not just for fun, but they help you to get your experience better during the game. 

Worried for players’ health? Well, worry no more, because the red soft drink will recover all the health at once, so keep them stocked while you are on a mission. 

This is not like some other typical games where everything is decided in the start, and where you just have to walk through the game despite your own choice. In Cyberpunk 2077 you are free to make your own choices as well during the game missions, and that will change the whole storyline accordingly.

Make your Own Choices

You must also understand that choosing a wrong option may lure you further into traps, and at one point you have no option left further, and the game will be over. So, make your own choices, and mold the game accordingly. 

Right now, Night City is in a real bad condition with all those gang wars going on, and the army and politicians controlling this city in their ruthless style. So, it is the duty of “V” to get this city out of this state, and overcome those negative powers going around the city, and get the freedom for the people of this city. 

Cyberpunk 2077 is an extraordinary game with extraordinary graphics and features, that lets you enjoy hours of gameplay, and let you dive in the world full of imaginations. Choose whosoever you wish to be in this game, and then carry on your missions accordingly.