Know the Unknown Clash of Clans Hacks, Cheats and Tricks!

You must be aware of the game clash of the Clans, it is all about building forts with elixir and gold. These buildings can be dropped and dragged wherever you want. Not just that, you can create your own army which will rage against neighbors and goblins. 

One of the players can go and overthrow the parties of neighbors, get into a rage with goblins around your area. Similarly, other players can invade your building and take away your gold and elixirs, but don’t worry this is temporary. Players get trophies by raiding and lose trophies by enemies attacking. Getting more trophies level up the rank. Players can blend in as a Clan and attack other Clans, this is called a war. 

 6 Amazing Clash of Clans Hacks and Cheats 

It sounds simple but it’s not, here are a few Clash of Clans hacks, cheats, and tricks you need to jot down before starting up the game. 

1. Save the Gems Hack

The game uses premium in-game currencies, which means you don’t need to spend a single penny on the game. The game works with a timer, the time span gets longer as you progress. It is not ideal to spend your gems on boosting productions because it’s a waste. 

Save the gems for something more useful and important later in the game. Rather set your goals, clear the hurdles, and obstacles to increasing your gem count. Gems are recommended to be spent on builders’ huts, the smartest use. 

However, there is prudence on how to spend the gems. Here come your decision-making capabilities in hand. Is it OK to use gems to get resources or is it more suitable to spend it on boosting production? 

This depends on how you want to make progress, if you want to go through it without spending a penny then you have to go with the flow of time. Meanwhile, you can play candy crush saga and Simpson tapped out, both are best time killers. 

2. Play Offense as a Defense Hack

Take a fight or get the resources, both depending upon your upgrade and building capabilities. More chances are you might be playing with both of them together. 

If you plan to play defense, then upgrade and protect your town hall first then your walls and structures for defense. The symmetry should be like this, mortar, archer tower, and cannons. Mortar and air defense are the most important, they need to be highly protected and should be placed in the center. This is done so there is no harm in case of a sudden attack from other players. 

Once you have sorted the defense plan, work on your resources, and start building, and don’t forget to keep them upgraded. The smartest way to protect your base is by leaving some mines outside the wall. In this way, other players will find land outside your base for farming and won’t harm your field. 

One more thing, players with higher level town hall earn less compared to players with lower level town hall after raiding, so don’t rush. Take your time and upgrade your town hall if you are standing defensive. You can’t ignore your barracks at all, train your troops there, and later get a refund out of it. Not just training, you can turn the barracks into temporary elixir storage which can’t be raided. 

The order is similar if you are playing aggressively. First, upgrade your town hall then get elixir up and working so that you can outset stockpiling resources first. The next step is to upgrade your camps and barracks to build and train your army. 

None of these two structures are of any benefit to raiders, they won’t get any resources out of it so feel free to plant them outside the wall. Next, strengthen your defense system with cannons and walls. 

Last and not least, you will need a laboratory, gold mines and a spell factory. The laboratory will help to upgrade the troops, gold mines will help in upgrading structure and spell factories will help to boost the offensive powers. 

3. Shield up Hack

Getting attacked by your enemies or other players can be a downside but that’s not like a war with massive destruction. If your town is destroyed by 30% you will still get a 12 hour Shield. If your town is 90% destroyed you will get an additional 4 hours shield. 

Now the question is how to use this time efficiently? How to undo the damage caused and what should be the next move? Well, stepping out and attacking back is definitely a big No! If you plan to attack immediately you will lose the shield time. 

Utilizing the safety time efficiently is essential. Take your time building a strategy on how to build your empire again, how to upgrade towers and boost your economy or let it flow and sit back and collect all the resources. 

Whatever you decide, make sure you keep your shield tabs active so the enemies can’t attack you. You can’t be attacked while you are online so even if you can’t play 24/7 just keep your game running in the background. Once the shield time expires you will stay 4 more hours and the enemies won’t be able to attack in this span. 

4. Strategize Your Land Smartly Hack 

The basic mechanics of the clash of Clans depend on the protection of your resources. All the resources should be well-packed with the walls and to do so you have to make sure there are no gaps in between the perimeters and no spawnable tiles within the base. Make sure all the structures are tightly packed together and let the cannons cover the rest of the part. 

Here is a trick to dodge your enemy, build small compartments instead of buildings and upgrading the wall around it confuses the enemy. If you pile up layers of the wall they will get suspected. Keep your defense position highly protected in the center of the base so it’s untouchable by the enemies even if they attack you will have a backup. 

 5. Target the Weak Hack

Here is another trick you could use before dropping your troops on your opponents. Investigate and plan accordingly, see if the opponent’s town hall level is lower than yours then you won’t get enough cut for the spoils.

Also, see the resources for plundering before making a move. If resources are what you are after rather than winning the combat then only send a handful of troops so the resources invested in them are limited and limited damage is cost.

But here is a better cut, send some goblins instead of troops and lose the battle, in this way you will get more resources compared to the resources used in the attack. Smart no? 

Before deploying your army, focus on the goal. If you want to boost your rank by collecting trophies then this might be a stupid idea initially. You will only get 3-4 stars on a raid against a lot of armies. So better skip this idea here.

To earn back the resources you used on your troops for this raid hit the elixir reserves straight. Send in giants to hit the opponent’s defense system. Once the area has been cleaned send in wizards, Barbarians, and archers to chew the structures. Let the goblins be after the lined-up resources. 

Don’t forget to plan on how many troops should be deployed because even if the winning chances are high there is still a probability of loss due to fire. 

Remember this isn’t a human army, so you have no contact and control over your army and how they react. You just need to set a target for them smartly by monitoring the opponent’s defense power. 

6. Clans up for a Raid Hack

Once you have leveled up your town hall, done raiding as a single player, rebuilt your base or castle you are probably a pro by now. This is high time you can invite buddies and build a Clan or be a part of someone’s clan. The question is how does it benefit you? Well, it not just allows you to socialize and connect with people around you but also lets you get tons of loot. 

Keep one thing in mind, Clans means teamwork. You can get help from the Clans members in attack or defense both scenarios, but don’t expect everything from them. You have to contribute and deploy some of your troops too in that battle.

Communicate with your Clans members or the head for the next move. Plan together and stay updated for any changes. If you are a competent player and so is your Clans you can be a part of a league that brings in additional benefits and resources. 

Clash of Clans – Key Hacks

Apart from the cheats and tricks mentioned above, here are some hacks that can be downloaded online and will improve your gaming experience more. These hacks will let you unleash more troops, stronger Barbarians, and unlimited resources. 

  • Get unlimited gems /money in-game
  • The game is ad-free so enjoy the smooth experience.

How to install clash of Clans APK

1) Get the APK from

2) Download and save the link file in the root folder of your phone

3) Go to settings

4) Enable third-party App installation option

5) Click the Apk hack file you have downloaded and press the installation option on the extreme right corner in the bottom of the screen

6) Exit once the installation is completed

7) The clash of the Clans Apk is now accessible and ready to play.

Frequently Asked Questions 

 1. Is the clash of Clans available in the play store? Is it safe to download from there? Or is there any other source to download it? 

Yes, the app is available in the play store. Even though it works as a third-party app but it’s safe to use. Make sure you read all the terms and conditions before downloading the app. You can also directly download the app from Google or the link mentioned above. 

2. If I download the APK from the link provided will I get updates? 

Yes, like any other app you will get updates when needed. It behaves like any other app on your phone so don’t worry. 

3. What if Apk contains malware or a virus? 

There is no such possibility because all the apps available in Playstore are digitally signed and verified by the developers of that App. Only those apps are available in the app store which is safe and secure to use. 

4. Hot to get the premium version of the app for free? Is there a possibility? 

Yes, it’s very much possible. You can get a free clash of Clans mod Apk from the above-mentioned link or purchase it through the App store in the game by spending real money. Both ways are safe to use. 

5. Does clash of Clans Apk hack work with a VPN?

Yes, the clash of Clans mod Apk works with all the VPNs available in the play store. The App is compatible with this service. 

6. Can the mod Apk misuse my personal data? Or does it collect data from our phones? 

No, the mod Apk has no legal right to steal users’ data and misuse it. It’s completely safe to use. Your data and personal information are private. 

7. How many languages do clash of Clans mod Apk support? 

For now, the app is available in 5 languages, which include English, Chinese, Indonesian, Korean, and Russian. More languages will be available soon. 

8. Can I download the App on my android tablet? 

The app is available for all devices especially Android users 6.0 or above can easily install it from the play store. 

 9. Does this app require access to the root of my phone? 

No, there is no need to get into the root of your phone. The App works perfectly fine otherwise. 

Final Thoughts

Clash of Clans is a mind and strategic-based game that improves your decision-making skills. Even the hacks that come along with it are better than any other game. The clash of Clans hacks and cheats are very simple and secure to use.