Amazing Bee Swarm Simulator Codes List For You!

Bee swarm simulator is basically a game where you can grow Bees and make more and more honey out of them. There are friendly quests given by bears, on completion of these quests you will get rewards. 

The more Bees you get the bigger is your hive, and a big hive means more honey. You can also roam around the mountains and explore rare Bees. The map is filled with hidden treasures, keep passing all the quests, and upgrade your level. 

Why do you need Bee Swarm Simulator Codes? 

Well, who doesn’t want to level up their game and get some extra rewards, unlocking new characters and getting extra Bees? This can be done by adding codes to your game. 

Bee Swarm Simulator Codes list

Login to the Bee swarm simulator club to redeem the codes. Some of the codes are there just a few clicks away and the rest are given below along with the rewards.

It’s recommended to use one code at a time and get the bonus from that particular type first. Don’t use all codes in a go, this will waste your buffs.

Here is the list of codes 2020 that are tried and tested and working perfectly:


  •   X1 Royal Jelly 
  •   X4 Field Dice 
  •   X4 Micro-Converter 
  •   X1 CloverField Boost
  •   X4 CloverField Winds 
  •   Mother Bear Morph


  •   Stingers
  •   Gumdrops
  •   Coconuts
  •   Inspire
  •   Coconut Field Boost
  •   Coconut Field Capacity 


  •   X25 Strawberries 
  •   Blue Extract Buff
  •   Capacity Code Buff
  •   X3 Blue Flower Boost 
  •   Blue Flower Field Capacity Boost
  •   Blue Flower FIeld Market Boost 


  •     Pepper Patch Boost,
  •   Pepper Patch Capacity
  •   Pepper Patch Market Boost


  •   X10 Bitterberries 
  •   Pollen Boost
  •   Pineapple Patch Market Boost
  •   Sunflower Field Market Boost


  •     Bumble Bee Jelly +1
  •     Bitter berries +10
  •     Micro-Converter +1, 
  •   Capacity Code


  •   X5 Tickets 
  •   X5000 Honey 
  •   X1 Haste 
  •   Black Bear Morph
  •   X7 Dandelion Field Boost 


  •   +5 Bitter berries 
  •   +5 Strawberries 
  •   +5 Blueberries 
  •   +5 Sunflower Seeds
  •   +5 Pineapples 
  •   +5 Moon Charms 
  •   Rose Field Boost
  •   Rose Field Capacity
  •   Pine Tree Forest Boost
  •   Pine Tree Forest Capacity
  •   Science Bear Morph
  •   Conversion Boost


  •   Blueberries +15
  •   Blue Extract
  •   Capacity Code
  •   Blue Flower Field Boost
  •   Blue Flower Field Capacity
  •   Blue Flower Field Market Boost

BigBag – 

  •   Increases Bag Capacity temporarily.


  •   X2 Stump Field Boost 
  •   X3 Bamboo Field Boost 
  •   X5 Field Dice
  •   X5 Gumdrops
  •   X5 Jelly Beans
  •   X5 Wealth Clock
  •   Conversion Boost 1 hour
  •   Science Bear Morph


  •     Cloud Vial x1
  •     Gumdrops x5
  •     Jelly Beans x3


  •     Magic Bean, Pineapple Patch Boost (x2)


  •   Box-o-Frogs
  •   X3 Bamboo Field Boost 
  •   X3 Bamboo Field Winds 


  •   – 10x Micro-Converters


  •   Marshmallow Bee Buff
  •   X3 Rose Field Boost 
  •   X3 Pine Tree Forest Boost
  •   Pine Tree Forest Pollen 300%
  •   X3 Spider Field Boost 
  •   X3 Jelly Beans,
  •   X3 Gumdrops, 
  •   X3 Moon Charm, 
  •   X3 Tickets, 
  •   X3 wealth cloth 


  •     Gumdrops X15


  •     Conversion Boost 1hour
  •   Marshmallow Bee


  •     Ant Pass
  •   Shocked Bee Jelly
  •   Oil
  •   Glue Buff
  •   Enzymes Buff


  •   X1 Royal Jelly 
  •   X1 Jelly Beans 
  •   X1 Micro-Converter 
  •   X3 Strawberry Field Boost 
  •   X3 Strawberry Field Winds


  •   X3 Dandelion Field Boost
  •     Conversion Boost 30m
  •     Honey 2500


  •   3x Bamboo Field Boost 
  •   3z Bamboo Field Winds 
  •   Marshmallow Bee


  •   X3 Pumpkin Patch Boost 
  •   X3 Pumpkin Patch WIns 
  •   X10 Blueberries 
  •   X10 Gumdrops 
  •   X10 Pineapples 
  •   X10 Strawberries 


  •   Tickets 5X
  •   Honey 5000


  •   X7 Dandelion Field Boost
  •   Tickets
  •   Honey 5000
  •   Haste
  •   Black Bear Morph 


  •     Honey 5000


  •   X15 Gumdrops 


  •   Honey +5000


  •   X1 Cloud Vial 
  •   X3 Jelly Beans 
  •   X1 Royal Jelly 


  •     Tickets x5


  •   X1 Ant Pass 
  •   Shocked Bee Jelly
  •   Oil (boost movement speed)
  •   Glue Buff
  •   Enzymes Buff 


  •   Tickets x5


  •     Tickets x5


  •   X3 Pumpkin Patch Boost 
  •   X3 Clover Field Boost 
  •   X3 Stump Field Boost 
  •   X20 Moon Charm 
  •   X5 Micro-Converter 
  •   X3 Jelly Beans 
  •   X3 Wealth Cloth 


  •   Tickets x5


  •   X2 Blue Flower Field Boost 
  •   X2 Sunflower Field Boost 
  •   X2 Mushroom Field Boost 
  •   X10 Gumdrops 
  •   X3 Jelly Beans 
  •   X1 Royal Jelly 


  •   Tickets x5


  •   X3 Strawberry Field Boost
  •   X10 Gumdrops 
  •   X10 Pineapple 
  •   X1 Royal Jelly
  •   X1 Stinger 
  •   X5 Inspire


  •     Tickets x5


  •   X1 Pepper Patch Boost 
  •   X3 Pepper Patch Winds 
  •   X1 Coconut Field Boost 
  •   X3 Coconut Field Winds
  •   X2 Blue Flower Field Boost 
  •   X3 Blue Flower Field Winds
  •   X1 Cloud Vial 
  •   X1 Pineapple 


  •   X1 Cloud Vial
  •   X1 Jelly Beans 
  •   X1 Field Dice 
  •   X1 Micro-Converter 


  •   X3 Bamboo field boost 
  •   X3 Bamboo Field Winds 
  •   Marshmallow Bee

Some of the remaining codes are PineappleParty, Bopmaster (X5 tickets), Cog (X5 tickets), Connoisseur (X5 tickets), Crawlers(X5 tickets), and Roof (X5 tickets). These codes are valid and free to use. 

How to use Bee swarm simulator codes 

  •   The developers of Bee swarm simulator are Roblox. The above codes can be entered by logging in to Twitter and type the above-mentioned codes as it is. Also, remember these codes can’t be used all at a time so go easy on yourself. Use each code one by one to get more buffs from it. 
  •   Another method is getting codes within the game. Open up the game, you will see a Cogwheel on the extreme right corner of the screen, click it and a dialogue box will appear where you will enter the code and press redeem.

Expired codes

Some of the expired codes which are not available anymore and won’t work are as follows. You can check the list in case you are wondering why your code is not working.

  •   Soup 
  •   General 
  •   ThoseEyes
  •   Decaboost
  •   Don’tUseThisJelly
  •   Notchallant
  •   Change 
  •   Pandapower 
  •   OnettJelly
  •   Keen4
  •   Wax2
  •   Friday 
  •   Tabby
  •   Arizona 
  •   AccentMaster
  •   MischeifMaker
  •   JellyHill
  •   CornSyrup
  •   Unity
  •   Meow
  •   Scratch 
  •   LateNightGumDrops
  •   100mvisits
  •   Xanthan
  •   Preupdate 
  •   Gel
  •   Afternoon 
  •   ClubJellies
  •   GummyBoost
  •   SugarRush 
  •   Tapioca
  •   Pectin
  •   Whoops

The list goes on there are a number of codes that are expired, so if your code isn’t working they probably are expired.

PROMO codes are introduced in 2018, redeeming them will give you amazing in-game items for free like honey, crafting, magic beans, field boosts, wealth clock, tickets, gumdrops, and many more exciting items. 

You can find these codes on Roblox official Twitter account or at the Bee swarm simulator club page. Follow his Twitter account to stay updated.